Leading Gas Sensor Technology

PSS Inc. was founded in 2015 dreaming of a global chemical sensor company based on of various chemical / gas sensor research experience conducted KAIST over the past 30 years. Our business philosophy is to avoid and We rather solve problems with new methods and new technologies to pioneer the market with innovative products. You can find new technologies with a bunch of experimental data in every product that is made in PSS inc. We believe that you enjoy our technology for which all our employees are still working on technology development. Our company's model for success is to make all employees become the best engineers in the world with the spirit of "If you find something new every day, you've done something big."

Currently, we manufacture our own Park's sensor, which is registered as a world patent, and we produce a hydrogen leakage detector, a dissolved hydrogen concentration measuring instrument for transformer oil, and a dissolved hydrogen measuring instrument for aluminum bath. We are also producing GASENTEST, a gas sensor evaluation device based on our long experience and know-how in gas sensor R&D. We will always try and study hard so that customers can enjoy our skills more.

CEO / John O. PARK

Company history

2014Starting Business (Spin-offed from KAIST)
Patent of Ionic Hetero Junction Hydrogen Sensor Filed
2015Patent of Transformer Oil Degradation Sensor Filed
Commercialize GASENTEST
2016Found R&D center
2017Commercialize GASMIX

Developed Solid Electrochemical CO2 Sensor

2020Commercialize AlproH Palm

Commercialize TransWatch H

Developed Hydrogen Sensor for Automobiles

ISO 9001 Certification


Graduated from Seoul National Univ., KOREA

Ph.D in MSE at the Ohio State Univ. in USA

Team Leader at LG Central Lab.

Professor of MSE at KAIST